Muna and Broad: Pants Edition

I started a few posts about the various pants I’ve made with Muna & Broad. I was going to separate them into individual posts, but I think it makes sense to put it all in one post. I’ll be talking about three different M&B patterns: Willandra, Sculthorpe, Birchgrove. If you’d like to hear about my all time favorite Glebe pants, you can find that in this previous post. I haven’t made the Noice jeans yet, but they are on my list.

Let’s start with the Willandra pants. I made these in a bright blue viscose linen noil in size 1 (old sizes). When I make them again, I will use size F. These pants feature a diagonal side seam, flat front, elastic back, and tapered leg. They are visually interesting and incredibly comfortable. I like these because they feel sleek while also being comfortable. I plan on making a very fancy pair in the future but I’m not sure what fabric I’ll choose. I’d like to try a rayon twill or rayon challis for a lightweight summer pair.

Next up are the Sculthorpe pants. I made these in a mustard viscose twill in size 1. I couldn’t tell the right side from the wrong side, so I may have accidentally used both sides of the fabric. These pants are fully elasticated, tapered, ankle length, and feature V shaped side pockets. The pockets are my favorite detail because they look cool. I really enjoy pockets, and these make me smile. I haven’t fully figured out where I want these pants to sit on my waist. I am used to the ultra high rise of the Glebe pants, so anything else feels weird lol. That isn’t a flaw of the pattern, moreso personal preference. I also might lengthen the hem a bit because I’m not completely sold on pants hitting at my ankle. I need to use a firmer elastic because the waistband folds in half almost instantly. I’ve seen other sewists that sized down, but I don’t think I will do that. I can see these in multiple colors. I like the drape of viscose twill, so I might have to find it in additional colors.

Last, but certainly not least are the Birchgrove pants. This is the most recent pattern of the three, and is getting close to being my favorite. I made these in a mustard linen in size G. I went with this size because of my current hip measurement. I probably could also use the size F, but I haven’t tried that yet. These pants feature a fully elasticated waist, deep pockets, and a tapered leg. These came together pretty quickly and are very easy to throw on. I wear them ALL THE TIME. I don’t think the linen I used was great for this pattern, but I already have a cotton twill ready to go. It felt like a home decor linen rather than a garment fabric. These pants show my hyperextended knees more than any other pattern. That doesn’t bother me too much, but I am looking at fitting books to see if there is an easy adjustment.

Overall, I really enjoy all of these pants patterns. I’ve only made each of them one time, but I would like to make more in the future. I think the Birchgrove or Willandra pants could become a part of a pantsuit. The Sculthorpe and Willandra pants feel a bit more casual, but I would honestly wear any of the three in pretty much any situation. I’m less rigid about dress codes lately. These pants are comfortable and work really well in my wardrobe. Any adjustments I make in the future will be minor and comfort based.

One Reply to “Muna and Broad: Pants Edition”

  1. You look fabulous in all of them. It’s great seeing a same body comparison. I particularly like your color sense.


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