Welcome to my blog, Seams Like Sierra. This is a place where I talk about all things sewing, making, knitting, crafting, and really just life in general. You can find all of my posts in the drop down menu under Blog Posts or you can click here.

About Me

I’m Sierra, and I’m a lot of things. I am a black woman, a daughter, a veterinarian, a dreamer, and a hopeless romantic. I currently live in the Atlanta area. I started sewing in late 2017 because I was frustrated with the limited clothing options available in stores. I also needed a creative outlet as it was a bit of a rough time for me. What started as frustration quickly grew into love and appreciation for my body and what it could do. I could actually make clothes that I was excited to wear! I began exploring the indie sewing pattern scene and got hooked right away. I had no idea how important my sewing practice would become. These days you can find me making pretty much anything my heart desires. Sometimes that is a bright pair of pants and other times it is a cozy sweater that I can pair with almost anything in my closet. Sewing has given me an amazing community that provides support and fosters genuine connections. I hope my blog inspires you to learn more about sewing, making, and exploring your creative side.