A world of Wexfords

I am back with another pattern review of sorts. I really just wanted to share some cute stuff I made. The July Cashmerette Club pattern was the Wexford Top and Dress. I was excited to make a couple of these to complete my “thrown on dress” gap in my wardrobe. I am reaching for cute and simple outfits that don’t require a lot of energy to put together. The Wexford is perfect for that. It comes with sleeved (short, mid, long) and sleeveless options along with a tank and knee length dress option. I’ve focused on the sleeveless view because it’s hot in Georgia and I just want my arms out right now.

My first Wexford was in a cotton interlock fabric that I’ve never used before. While I will wear it, I think the fabric would be better suited for another pattern. It felt almost like the polo shirts I used to wear in middle school. No shade to middle school Sierra, but I’d pair this fabric with a cardigan or more structured garment.

My second Wexford is my favorite and the one you’ll probably see me in all summer. I used a printed ITY knit from LA Finch Fabrics. I really like the drape of ITY and it’s super comfy for summer. I think the print, drape, and overall silhouette are great. I have worn and washed this a LOT.

My third and forth Wexford dresses were for my mom. She had an event coming up and I offered to make her something to wear. Of course I procrastinated and got it to her just before the event, but that is just fine. I made the printed Wexford out of another printed ITY in my stash. The solid Wexford is a cotton jersey knit in azure blue from Blackbird Fabrics. I wanted to give her the option of a solid or printed garment. She loves them and I am absolutely tickled. I rarely sew for other people, so this was a real treat for the both of us. I even added a label from Tagged By Steph. Watch out for her label launch in the near future.

My fifth Wexford is another cotton jersey knit from Blackbird Fabrics in pine. I really like this deep green and I wanted to try this pattern in a stable knit that had a bit of spandex in it. After making my mom’s dress, I knew I had to make one for myself. I will say that cutting out cotton jersey was easier and quicker than cutting out ITY. But I still love wearing ITY!

My sixth Wexford is a bright red rayon spandex. I wanted to try the top version. I’ve been looking for a looser tank to wear when I’m walking the dog. I cut this out but haven’t sewn it yet.

I really like this pattern and it’s quickly become my go-to knit dress. It is incredibly comfortable and can be layered in the cooler seasons. I will likely try the sleeved dress version at some point, but I am holding on to summer as long as I can. If you want to check out other versions, here’s a link to the hashtags on Instagram: #WexfordDress #WexfordTop

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  1. I like all of them. I see you got your great smile from your mom.

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