Cashmerette Kineton Dress

I made a very cute dress. It’s so cute that I didn’t even introduce it before telling you how I feel about it. This is the Cashmerette Kineton dress, a pattern available to Cashmerette Club members. It has an elastic waist, pockets, V-neck, and bust darts. It features options for an elastic pouf sleeve or a long bishop sleeve with wrist flounce. It is designed for woven fabrics that have a bit of drape.

I made the long bishop sleeve version in a rayon challis I picked up from Melanated Fabrics earlier this year. The print caught my eye and I knew it needed to become a dress. I didn’t attempt any pattern matching, and I am totally okay with that. Cutting the pattern pieces on the fold may help me with pattern placement next time. I made the Kineton in a 26 G/H without any adjustments.

I love this dress. I feel amazing in it. I didn’t know how I would feel about the sleeves, but I am very into them. I may lengthen the sleeve a bit next time and possibly use a slightly longer piece of elastic for the wrist. The suggested elastic length was larger than my wrist, so I went with a shorter piece. I’ll go with something in between next time. I really like how fancy these sleeves feel.

I can see myself making this dress again for sure. I have some lightweight woven fabric in my stash that would work well for this pattern. I am thinking a lightweight linen blend or a cotton voile. I appreciate the combination of comfort and fanciness that this dress provides. I have pockets, which elevates the usefulness for anything I make. I think I could wear this dress almost anywhere, and I plan on doing just that.

2 Replies to “Cashmerette Kineton Dress”

  1. This is gorgeous 🤩🤩🤩 I really like how the longer sleeves looks on this pattern. And this fabric is such a winner


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