Cashmerette Kimball Bomber Jacket

I made a very cute color blocked bomber jacket and I am pretty proud of myself. I used the Kimball Bomber Jacket pattern from Cashmerette. This particular pattern is exclusive to Cashmerette Club members.

I made the 26 G/H according to my current measurements and made no adjustments to the pattern. I may possibly lengthen the sleeve on future versions because I realized that my arms are a bit longer than the block is drafted for. I hadn’t really noticed before because I don’t make many long-sleeved garments.

I used a burgundy cotton/polyester twill bottom weight fabric that I purchased from Fabric Mart. This fabric is sold out, but they have a wide selection of appropriate fabrics for this pattern. I paired it with a classic cotton fine ribbing in melon that I purchased from Stylemaker Fabrics. I bought all of my zippers from Wawak.

I enjoyed the making process, which isn’t a surprise to me. I am comfortable with Cashmerette instructions and general layout of their pattern instructions. I was a bit confused about the pocket construction because I’ve never used this method before. It was honestly just something I needed to do. I followed the instructions and didn’t have any issues. I did not quilt the sleeves because I wanted a light layer for Georgia spring and fall. I would definitely make this again and I’ve already got some fabric lined up.

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