Muna and Broad Tarawi Shirt

Hey y’all! I have been so excited about the Tarawi shirt from Muna & Broad. Jess & Leila have been sharing sneak peeks and updates about the Tarawi over on their Patreon, so I squealed with excitement when it was available for purchase.

This pattern has two views. View A has a two-piece collar and chest pockets while View B has a band collar and omits the pockets. I combined the views for a button up shirt with a two-piece collar. There are a bunch of other features in this sewing pattern too. There are two options for sleeve width and 4 bust options: no bust, 2+, 4+, and 6+. These are based on the difference between your high and full bust measurements.

I sewed this up in the size H based on my high and full bust measurements. TI did the 6+ full bust option. My waist and hips fall in a smaller size, but I wanted to try the pattern without any adjustments.

I used a printed cotton lawn from Blackbird Fabrics. I bought the pink and green color way as well as the yellow and green color way. It’s sold out, but there are other cute cotton lawns on their site. I haven’t sewn with cotton in a while and I forgot how great it was to work with. I didn’t have any issues during cutting, sewing, pressing, or marking this fabric. I used Frixion pens, marking pencils, and tailor’s chalk. I like to have options.

I am in love with this shirt. I have never made a sleeve that looked this professional. I really slowed down when I made this. My entire sewing practice has shifted, and I’m finding more joy in sewing slowly. I even hand basted the collar and cuffs. If you know me, you know that I don’t ever hand sew. It usually frustrates me. But it helped me have some really nice finishes on this shirt.

I will absolutely make this shirt again. I will probably stick with cotton for the second shirt, because it was a joy to sew with. I would also like to try linen and eventually a fabric with more drape eventually. This shirt combines comfort and style. That’s all I really want these days.

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