Style Maker Fabrics Spring Style Tour

Hey y’all!! It’s spring. I’ve been walking around smiling because the flowers are blooming and the mornings aren’t too chilly. I love this time of year because it feels like everything is emerging after a long dark winter. I really enjoy sitting in my backyard drinking coffee, listening to the birds, and feeling the sun on my face. It truly feels like a turning point for me. The pollen and allergies aren’t my favorite, but I don’t mind!!

Another reason I enjoy spring is because of the fabric it brings. Florals, gingham, bright colors, and lightweight fabric get to shine this time of year. I was very excited about joining the Style Maker Fabrics Spring Style Tour for the first time. Michelle sent me some of the spring fabric arrivals in exchange for a blog post during the Spring Style Tour. There have been so many awesome makes so far, and I am happy to share what I made.

Let’s talk about the the fabric first. I chose three fabrics to make a fun spring outfit: a micro rib rayon sweater knit in peach, artistic spring floral digital print cotton lawn, and a solid white cotton voile. I really liked how these colors worked together. I was drawn to the peach sweater knit because it looked light enough to wear in warmer weather and the color reminded me of a creamsicle. The cotton lawn also caught my eye because it had a really fun color palette that I knew would work with my existing wardrobe. I’ve also been into watercolor prints lately, and this seemed like a great way to try it out.

Alright so I changed my mind MANY times about exactly what I wanted to make. I had visions of something fancy that I could saunter around in or maybe something that could elevate my loungewear. Once I settled on a mood, I started looking in my pattern stash for options. I chose two Cashmerette patterns – the Upton dress/skirt expansion pack and the Fuller cardigan. I’ve made both of these patterns before, so I was comfortable with the directions and fit. I didn’t want to try a completely new pattern for this particular make. The Fuller cardigan has two views. View A has a deep V neck, long sleeves, and a hem that hits at mid hip. View B is cropped and features a jewel neck and mid length sleeves. I made view A previously, so I decided to make view B for a cropped spring layer.

I originally was going to make another Upton dress with some of the features of the expansion pack. I went back and forth about design features and bodice types, but couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted. There are a LOT of variations to choose from. Ultimately, I chose the tea length pleated skirt option. I wanted to try pleats in a lighter weight fabric and was also interested in the tea length of the skirt. I’ve made the maxi and knee length skirts before, so I went for the third length! I thought the cardigan and skirt would work well together and fit with some things I’ve already made.

I am so pleased with how this turned out. The cotton lawn is lightweight, breathable, and very easy to sew with. I didn’t have any issues with pressing or applying interfacing. Cutting it out was easy too. I have only worked with cotton lawn once or twice before, but I will absolutely be using it a lot more in the future. It’s not fussy at all and this particular print could work well for several different patterns, including those with princess seams. The print is fun and I discover something new every time I look at it. Unfortunately it is currently sold out on the site, but they are taking preorders.

My cropped Fuller cardigan is also super cute with this outfit. It is soft and lightweight. It is a bit stretchier than I anticipated, but that’s not a problem at all. I was able to easily press, apply interfacing, cut, and serge with this fabric. I think it’s a great pattern and fabric match. I have a hard time determining the right and wrong side of solid knits, so I just chose a side and went with it. Michelle also sent the PERFECT scallop shirt buttons for this cardigan. They look like little seashells to me. How cute are they?

Since I didn’t go with the Upton Dress option, I looked in my closet for a top to pair with my two new me-mades. I found a fuchsia Cashmerette Dartmouth top that really brought the entire outfit together. I wasn’t sure how I would like it with the peach cardigan, but I think its a new favorite look for me. Paired with the bee earrings and Vans, I really feel like I’m the 2021 version of Baby from Dirty Dancing. Now if you’ll excuse me I will be watching that movie again and refusing to be put in a corner.

Go check out the Style Maker Fabrics Spring Style Tour page to see all of the amazing creations from other sewists! You might as well pick up some fabric while you’re there. Oh and buttons!

8 Replies to “Style Maker Fabrics Spring Style Tour”

    1. Hi Diane! That’s a great question. I’d say it’s semi opaque. I was planning on lining the bodice of the dress but the volume of the skirt meant that I didn’t need to line it. There is some light that shines through, but I wouldn’t call it sheer at all. I hope that helps!


  1. YESSSS, I would 100% watch that remake of Dirty Dancing!!!

    This look is stunning– between this post and your other Upton versions, I’m so sold on that pattern.


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