Muna and Broad Tarlee T-shirt

There’s a new t-shirt in town! It’s the Tarlee t-shirt from Muna & Broad. It features a turtleneck and crew neck option as well as shaping along the center back seam. It was thoughtfully drafted for people with larger bodies, which is truly my favorite thing about Muna & Broad patterns across the board.

M&B Tarlee t-shirt with Cashmerette Ames jeans

I was excited to collaborate with Muna & Broad and A&R Fabrics for this pattern release. I was given an advanced copy of the pattern and some lovely fabric to make and photograph my own version of the Tarlee. All of my thought and opinions about this process are my own!

M&B Tarlee t-shirt with Cashmerette Ames jeans

There are a lot of things I like about this pattern. The size range is great in my opinion – my sister, my mother, and I are all included. Also keep in mind that Muna & Broad will grade up their patterns if you do not fit in their current size range. I also like that this is a great layering piece. I like to wear long sleeve shirts under my summer dresses so I can wear them in cooler months. This pattern is perfect for that.

I also like that you can choose your turtleneck size no matter what size shirt you make. It’s a separate piece that you align on the front and back pieces of the t-shirt. I think I’ll make my next turtleneck slightly larger next time. I have a big head 🙂 The cool thing is I don’t have to print out the entire pattern again. I can just print the turtleneck pieces.

M&B Tarlee t-shirt, Cashmerette Ames jeans, and Alice Alexander Co Bessie adventure jacket

I used a scarlet merino jersey from A + R Fabrics and it is absolutely lovely. It’s my first time sewing with merino jersey and it was really great to work with. I didn’t have any issues cutting, sewing, or serging this fabric. I also didn’t know lightweight fabric could be so warm. Like I’ve been missing out y’all. I should’ve listened to y’all when you ranted and raved about merino jersey. It’s worth the hype. And this color?! I don’t have a lot of red in my closet but that might change after this because I feel GREAT in this. Thank you Trin!

M&B Tarlee t-shirt with Cashmerette Ames jeans

I made the size G for this pattern and graded to the H at the bust. I graded back to the G for the hip and waist. I wasn’t exactly sure where my bust apex would be on the pattern, so I may adjust my pattern piece a little to reflect a lower apex. Leila helped me with picking the right size and I really like the end result. My bust (54”) puts me at the H while my hips (54-ish”) and waist (44-ish”) put me closer to the F. I’m very happy with the outcome and also feel like there’s wiggle room. I think I could make a straight size H and be perfectly fine.

M&B Tarlee t-shirt with Cashmerette Ames jeans

Overall I really like this pattern and I see many more in my future. I’m excited to have two great t-shirt patterns in my library now— the Concord and the Tarlee.

M&B Tarlee t-shirt, Cashmerette Ames jeans, and Alice Alexander Co Bessie adventure jacket

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