Pants Fitting Resources – Sew My Style 2019

Hey y’all. I fully intended on posting this much earlier in the month, but April really escaped me. Even if you’ve already made your pants for this month, I hope you find these resources helpful!

This month has been all about making pants, and if you’re anything like me you may be looking for resources to make the entire process easier. That’s where I come in. I’m no fitting expert, but i do enjoy gathering information about the many adjustments that will make your pants fit exactly the way you want them to.

Let’s take a look at the patterns for this month. We have the Hepburn pant from Wardrobe By Me and the Chi Town Chinos by Alina Design Co. The website describes the Hepburn pant as high rise pant with features including: welt pockets, zipper fly, side pockets, a contoured waistband and two options for leg width. This pattern goes up to a 41 inch waist and 50 inch hip.

In contrast, the Chi Town Chinos pattern includes relaxed fit shorts, a skirt, and several pocket options. There are two expansion packs that have pieces for more fitted knee length shorts, welt pockets, and full length pants. This pattern goes up to a 36.5 inch waist and 46.5 inch hip.

Although pants can seem scary, having some resources to refer to can make all the difference. After all, its just another garment!

I am including resources that I think will help sewists that have questions about fitting and common adjustments. Some of these will be picture focused while others will include videos. Try them out and let me know what you learned!

Measuring Your Body

Let’s start with a resource about measuring your body. Accurate measurements really are the base for choosing the right size and ultimately fitting your garment. There are videos as well as images in this post that will help you measure your body in preparation for making your pants.

Fitting Pants: The Tummy Adjustment

This resource was very interesting to me because this is an adjustment I’ve been interesting in learning. I haven’t made this adjustment yet, but I definitely will be trying it soon. This video has information about this particular adjustment.

Closet Case Pants Fitting Guide

This is a widely shared guide about common fit adjustments. While it is geared towards jeans making, it can be used for pants fitting other styles. There are pictures and recommendations for various adjustments.

Grading Sizes

This post discusses grading between sizes. This is particularly useful if your waist and hip measurements span across more than one size. Grading between sizes can be tricky and there are helpful hints here that can be used for a variety of garments.

How To Fit Pants When Sewing – Pants Fitting Issues

This is a visual guide that talks about different pants fitting issues. It started as a facebook live video and offers pictures of fitting issues along with the corresponding adjustments to fix them.

Pants Fitting Guide

This post shows additional fitting adjustments for pants. It has pictures of the issues along with corrections to be made. It even talks about crotch curve adjustments, which can be intimidating.

I hope you find these resources helpful and reference them often. Is there a pants fitting post that you enjoy? Share it in the comments below!

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