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2019 Make Nine

So I learned about the make nine challenge in late 2017 and it seemed pretty cool. I chose nine patterns that I planned to make in 2018 based off the sewing patterns I already owned or had seen other people make. It was pretty early in my sewing journey so I didn’t put too much…

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The Ali Sweatshirt Is Bae

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but making sweatshirts is so delightful. Yeah that was cheesy but it’s me. As I’m adapting to weather in New England I’ve started to really examine my wardrobe. I have winter clothing but not a lot of REAL winter clothing. I lived in the south for many years so…

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My First Modeling Experience: Future Forecast

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate in a fashion show organized by Taylor McVay, of blueprintsforsewing. The event was called “Future Forecast: A Slow Fashion Exchange”  and was centered around slow fashion and sustainability. Taylor put out a call for models and when I came across it I immediately felt…

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