Cashmerette Fuller Cardigan

As much as I have been fighting the end of Summer, Georgia has decided (seemingly overnight) to enter the Fall season. That means I’ll start to layer cardigans and jackets over my summer dresses to extend their life. I don’t necessarily have a distinct summer or winter wardrobe. I’ve been trying to make garments that can be worn almost year round. The Cashmerette Fuller cardigan is a layer that I’ve worn a variety of items in my closet to transition into the seasons. The chill in the air reminded me that I never shared my version on my own blog.

Back in January I was a part of Cashmerette’s launch party for the Fuller cardigan. This collaboration included fabric from Emma One Sock and a copy of the PDF pattern in return for feedback and photos of the finished garment. You can read the full blog post here and see six other awesome sewists that made the Fuller. It goes without saying that all of my opinions are my own and I will always give an honest review of my process and experience.

The Fuller cardigan has raglan sleeves, bust darts, and two views. View A is a longer V-neck cardigan with large buttons while View B is a cropped length cardigan with a higher neckline and smaller buttons. I ended up sewing View A because I was looking for something that I could wear with jeans and mid rise pants already in my closet. I used a bamboo/cotton fleece-back knit in dusty orange that has about 15% stretch. I’d consider it closer to coral than orange, but I have been known to make up my own names for colors. I enjoyed working with this fabric. It reminded of sweatshirting but a bit elevated. The wrong side of the fabric is smooth and warm. I’d wear this cardigan without a coat for Fall temperatures. I didn’t have any issues cutting or sewing with this fabric.

I paired my Fuller cardigan with two me-mades: my Ames jeans and Byrdie button up. I’ve wanted to wear a cardigan, jeans, and a button up for such a long time. I’m so happy that I was able to make that into a reality! Of course I wore sneakers because sneakers are my favorite. I’m here for comfort and style.

I also wore my Fuller cardigan with a Montrose top and midi skirt from Alice Alexander. I made this Montrose top when I was a different size but I have been able to continue to wear it tucked into high waisted bottoms. I really like how the silhouette of the midi skirt works with the cardigan. This outfit is more of a romantic look than the first and I like that I can style the Fuller in two very different ways. I also love that I can rock this open or closed!

As far as fit goes, I really like how the garment is fitted but also allows enough room for a long sleeve shirt to be worn underneath it. Being able to wear a cardigan, especially with a V neck, that fits both my bust and waist is new for me. I am a fan of Cashmerette’s drafting because it works for my body and I don’t have to do a full bust adjustment to get a good fit. The pattern is available in sizes 12 to 32 and three cup sizes: C/D, E/F, and G/H. I made this in a 24 G/H, my usual Cashmerette size. I also appreciate the clear instructions and a downloadable sew along for those that are visual learners. I wasn’t sure how the facing would come together but it went pretty smooth.

Overall this was an enjoyable make that I wore A LOT throughout the Winter and Spring. I think it’s a great time to make the Fuller cardigan whether you are headed into Spring or Fall. You could make view B to layer over a sleeveless summer dress for extended wear. I think I’d like to try making it in a print for a funky cardigan that will spice up a monochromatic look.

4 Replies to “Cashmerette Fuller Cardigan”

  1. Very nice! I’m in love tith the fabric you used for the Montrose. Gorgeous!


  2. Hi Sierra! I haven’t made a cardigan in a long while. In fact I still have the one that I made for myself to match one that I made for Alex who was an infant. Its made of velour and stays at home for me to cuddle up with. Yours is such a needed addition. I love to layer up. Congratulations on your beautiful work and on being such a perfect model for Cashmerette. I am so proud of you!

    Love & Blessings to YOI! Aunt Dolores

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  3. You look absolutely gorgeous in that Fuller. The fit is outstanding, the color is beautifu, and the workwomanship is superb!.


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