Unapologetically Black

Hey y’all. I’ve been quiet in this space for a while for a lot of reasons. I underestimated the physical effects of everything going on. This pandemic, my involvement in the pandemic through my day job, work/life balance while working from home, living far from my family, and living alone all started to take a toll on me. And then there was the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. Something just broke in me. An already difficult time turned into a tumultuous, dark, exhausting, and agonizing time. Racism isn’t new. Racism isn’t this abstract thought or topic for me. Racism is something I experience day in and day out as a Fat Black Woman living in the south. And yet, these killings reopened a deep wound in my spirit.

I’m tired in so many ways. The physical manifestation of these events really came to head and I had to step away from many things including social media and any sort of creative pursuit. The work continued, and the fight against racism never slowed. Let me be clear, I find ways to combat racism every single day. I am living this fight and will continue to push back. Stepping away from social media/blogging was necessary and I don’t regret it. That being said, I am easing back into things with a renewed perspective. I’m making my mental health and joy a priority right now. Part of that means finding joy in expressing my creativity. That also means I am continuing to uplift and support Black people and those fighting for Black people.

I don’t know exactly how this space will look moving forward, but I will continue to show up fully, share purposefully, and speak up about things that are important to me. I will still be sewing and making things that bring me joy. I am authentically and unapologetically black. I will not tolerate racism in this space and I will not be silent about things I am passionate about. Black Lives Matter. Every single one. There are no asterisks with that statement.

3 Replies to “Unapologetically Black”

  1. Sending you love! My heart is with you ❤ I'm not on IG very often but when I do get on, your account is one of the ones I almost always check. Without a doubt, you are one of my faves on IG. I've been following you since we met in Portland, Oregon… I immediately adored you! I'm happy to hear that you've been practicing self care and look forward to seeing more of you again. In solidarity, and with xoxo's, duchessofcloth


    1. Dear Sierra,

      I think you are a brave brave proud to be black woman.
      I can’t relate to the feeling of racism because I am white. This day in, day out struggle for being accepted in all layers of everyday life is unknown to me AS a person just because of the colour of my skin. And this is no justice, not honest, not human.
      I feel sorry for you and hope you feel better, not wounded anymore in your soul.
      There are so many bridges to be taken for equality. I hope that in the best future parents do not matter anymore when son or daughter brings home a black man or woman to be their partner for life.


  2. I’m new here, and I love it already. I can’t wait to read and see more of your heart and creativity. …and no doubt you love animals as much as I do. Press on!
    Kathryn Butterfield


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