Romantic Rose: An Accidental Color Story

I am a bit of an impulsive sewist. I see an outfit that inspires me or some tester photos of a new sewing pattern and I instantly want to make something. Don’t get me wrong, I really like to plan my makes as well. I will write lists, reference yardage requirements, and even add to my Trello boards. But then I come across a piece of fabric and just have to use it to create something beautiful. I’m still working on that whole balance thing. Several sewing challenges and upcoming events will help me stick to my plans.

Cedar Dolman

Anyway, at some point in the past couple of months I kept coming across sewing inspiration that gave a me a romantic vibe. There was a softness in the images that I subconsciously ended up recreating in my garments. I found myself making clothes that were some shade of pink. I sometimes call it mauve, light pink, or millennial pink. Either way, I accidentally ended up with a color story that I’ll call Romantic Rose.

Ali Sweatshirt
Ali Sweatshirt

When I was younger I didn’t enjoy pink. I think it was because I was “supposed” to like it and that girls were supposed to be “soft” or “delicate” — I didn’t identify with those words. I was strong and didn’t think that wearing pink could be associated with strength. I sort of rebelled against the color and didn’t have it in my closet for years.

Sierra is wearing a light rose kimono and holding a coffee cup

Fast forward to college where I experimented with all sorts of color in my wardrobe. My style definitely changed and I started wearing more pink. Of course I joined a sorority whose colors are salmon pink and apple green.

Sierra is facing the camera  with her hands on her hips wearing a pale pink peplum top.
Rivermont Top

I can’t remember exactly when I started buying clothes in a myriad of colors, but I stopped avoiding pink at some point. Blue has always been (and still is) my favorite color, so I’ve had a lot of blue garments over the years. Once I started sewing I wanted to make things out of cute prints and bold colors. It was only in the last couple of months that I really leaned into this mauve-isn color palette. I honestly didn’t plan to make a bunch of garments that were shades of pink, but it brings me so much joy to see my little pink corner of my closet. I’m drawn to these clothes and I wear them often.

Sierra is wearing a light pink tunic with a turtleneck
Pembroke Tunic

I try not associate societal expectations with my clothing choices anymore. Yes, I do feel cheerful when I wear bright colors, but I don’t feel any less joy in neutral tones. I’m enjoying making my own clothes out of fabric that I picked out specifically for that garment. Sometimes it’s a neon print and sometimes it’s a solid dark grey. As a woman of color I feel empowered to wear what I want, in whatever color I want, and whatever style I want. That hasn’t always been the case but in 2019 I’m showing up as my full self. Right now that means making a lot of pink clothes.

Dartmouth Top

Moving forward, I think I might try to plan a few makes focused on a particular color story. It’ll help me create garments that compliment each other and allow me to conquer the elusive monochrome outfit. I have a couple of ideas but would love to hear from you. What is your signature color to wear? Do you have a particular color story in mind for your closet? Do your color preferences change with the seasons? Let me know what think!

2 Replies to “Romantic Rose: An Accidental Color Story”

  1. I feel pretty new to sewing my own clothes (even though it’s been a couple years!). Anyway, I’ve noticed that I gravitate towards blue. So much so that I have been wanting to branch out and pink and yellow are what I am interested in now. I also think they will work with my blue garments. I love all these clothes you’ve made. Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thank you for reading! I think that blue, pink, and yellow would be gorgeous together! That makes sense to look at colors that will work with existing garments. Sometimes I get so into a color story that I forget about things working with clothes I already have.


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