Hey! I’m Sierra and I’d like to welcome you to my blog, Seams Like Sierra. I’ve been interested in starting a blog for a while now, and it feels like now is the right time.

So why am I starting this blog? Excellent question. I want to share a little bit more about the things I make. Sewing has really become an important part of my life over the past year and I’d like a dedicated space to talk about my love for sewing.


What are you going to see on this blog? My main goal here is to document my making process. You can expect an honest depiction of my sewing process (both fails and triumphs). I’m also going to add in things that I love because that’s just who I am.

I intend to show up authentically and fully in this space. That means you’ll see an array of things that aren’t always sewing related. You are welcome to skip past those parts. It won’t hurt my feelings.


I am super excited about starting this blog and I hope you come along this journey with me. I love interacting with people and I look forward to growing my community!! Stay tuned…great things are coming.

Here are a few fun facts about me…

  • I’m the youngest child and I milk it to the fullest
  • You know that part about me showing up authentically? I’m really into that and won’t tolerate any negativity about it
  • I am a fan of constructive criticism…when it is sought out
  • I am a veterinarian by trade and my favorite animal is the llama (This will become a central theme in my blog. Get ready.)

4 Replies to “Welcome!”

  1. Hi Sierra! I look forward to following along! No negativity? I’m in! Love your photos.

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  2. Sierra, there simply aren’t words that could begin to describe how incredibly proud I am of you in this moment! You are a beautiful blossoming flower and I’m enjoying watching you bloom! I believe that this courageous step you’ve taken is only the beginning…know that I have your back and I always will 🙂

    Much love, yo sista, Sone-Seere
    (Imaginary “heart eyes” emoji)

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