2019 Make Nine

So I learned about the make nine challenge in late 2017 and it seemed pretty cool. I chose nine patterns that I planned to make in 2018 based off the sewing patterns I already owned or had seen other people make. It was pretty early in my sewing journey so I didn’t put too much thought into it. I ended up making most of the patterns and learned something new with each piece.

Fast forward a year and I’m sitting down to make my list of nine things to make for 2019. Rather than picking a specific sewing pattern, I chose to look at the type of garments I wanted to make. I wanted some flexibility in the plan because that gives me the permission to switch out a pattern if it doesn’t work. That might sound silly, but I don’t thrive on being rigid. I need a balance of direction and freedom.

I also realized that a lot has changed in the past year that affects my sewing. I’ve increased my sewing skills and have a desire to try advanced techniques and work with trickier fabrics. I also moved further north and live in a colder climate. My job has me in the office most days which is a change from my previous position. I’ve also discovered more about my style and what I’m comfortable wearing. I’m really enjoying playing with proportions and new silhouettes.

Here are my plans for my 2019 Make Nine:

Jeans – Specifically skinny jeans. I might try distressing them, but the main focus is on the width of the lower leg and the inseam length.

A woman is wearing blue skinny jeans

Leggings – Most of the leggings I’ve bought in stores are too short and flare out at the ankle. My ankles are on the smaller side and I’m really looking forward to some custom leggings.

A woman is wearing grey leggings

Wrap Dress – I love how this style looks on me and I want to play with different dress lengths. I really want a maxi in a bold floral print.

A woman is wearing a dark red wrap dress

Cardigan – I’d like a cozy cardigan that will get me through the winter. I also want to make a version that helps take the chill off while I’m in the office.

A woman is walking and wearing a dark red cardigan

Blazer – I am super excited about making this. I think it will elevate my workwear game.

A woman is wearing a bright yellow blazer and cropped pants

Blouse – I’m envisioning a romantic top with dramatic sleeves. I also want a wrap blouse that I can wear with skirts and high waisted pants.

A woman is smiling and wearing a coral wrap top and pants

Blouse – I’m envisioning a romantic top with dramatic sleeves. I also want a wrap blouse that I can wear with skirts and high waisted pants.

A woman is wearing a black sleeveless top with black and white pants

Button Up Shirt – I had grand plans of tackling this in 2018 but 2019 will be the year!

A woman is wearing a large hat blue chambray button up tucked into a dark pair of jeans

Full Skirt – I haven’t made a lot of skirts and I want to add them back into my wardrobe.

A woman is wearing a black turtleneck and patterned skirt

I used Pinterest for my inspiration pictures and I really like how it all came together. I ultimately want to make pieces that can be mixed and matched for a capsule-like wardrobe. Everything doesn’t have to match, but I want to be able to use pieces for multiple outfits. I’m excited about this journey!

8 Replies to “2019 Make Nine”

  1. I like the idea of planning 9 items for the year. That is an inspiring idea. Falling short would mean that at least some things were sewn, overachieving is a nice boost to the wardrobe.


  2. This is great Sierra! I’m working on a blouse for an outfit tonight. Sewing is so satisfying! Keep up the fantastic work!

    Love & Blessings to YOU! Aunt Dolores

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  3. Ooooooh I love that inspiration blazer. Canary yellow is such a gorgeous and powerful color. I want a denim shirt too! And have had one on my to-make list for an embarrassing length of time!

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    1. I’m so happy to hear that! I agree, yellow can make you feel amazing! You are not alone. I keep telling myself I’m going to make it so I figured that if I told the world I’d make it then I’d have some accountability lol.


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